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Open Banking Hackathon

Is a week-long event set out to engage teams to ideate and implement products, use cases and applications on top of financial data availability in Central and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, the hackathon brings both on screen and in person 50+ key stakeholders of the ecosystem from various sectors - fintech thought leaders, banking institutions, commercial banks, technology providers, service companies, industry associations and many more.

Unchain Fintech Festival

Unchain was created to bring together the global public and private sectors to advance the topic of Fintech in Central Eastern Europe and globally. Unchain is supporting the future of finance by connecting companies and people, trends and challenges. With a 2-day festival at its core, fintechs and other financial institutions alongside the wider stakeholder ecosystem will meet in a city that is at the centre of Central Eastern Europe. Representing the rich past of the region, the festival will showcase the vibrant digital solutions the region has to offer, as well as bringing global trends to the region.

Banking 4.0 Conference

A two-day conversation about resilience, flexibility, and survival in the banking sector worldwide. Per se, the event is dedicated to the emerging technologies that will have the greatest influence on the future of financial services – at expert level. With this special approach, Banking 4.0 is probably the largest Digital-Banking event in Southeastern Europe.


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